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Chrome Divas Pole Dance & Fitness Studio

Welcome to Chrome Divas Pole Dance & Fitness Studio

Welcome to Chrome Divas Pole Dance & Fitness Studio

Welcome to Chrome Divas Pole Dance & Fitness StudioWelcome to Chrome Divas Pole Dance & Fitness Studio


Ira Clare Reyes "IraChromeDivas" - Founder & Sole Owner


Ira is the founder and sole owner of Chrome Divas Pole Dance & Fitness studio. She took ballet, belly dancing and cheerdancing as a child but moved to mix martial arts later as an adult.

Her first experience on the pole was in 2010 and next thing she knew she was travelling around the globe to train and take workshops with top pole athletes like Lou Landers, Melody, Carli Hunter, Amy Hazel, Justine Mc Lucas, Polina Ginger, etc. Her love for pole expanded to other equipments like Aerial Hoop, Silks and Exotic dance.   

Upon opening her studio, she created and produced the first International Exotic Pole Dance Battle in the Philippines. This battle was graced by 21 local and international competitors. Judged by Eva Bembo, Andre, Melody, Jamaica Jornacion and Christina Dy. 

Ira believes that it is not what we can do but how we do it on any aerial equipment or dance style we choose.   

She is Polecats Instructor Qualified for Pole level 1 and 2, XPERT certified for Pole, Spinny Pole and Aerial Hoop. She has also finished her intensive workshop with Emily Barbers at MID Air Circus for Aerial Hoop and Silks.

Outside the studio she is a wife and mother to 4 lovely children. She also works as an Operations Director in a leading Customer Management Company.

She has been competing internationally in battles like Floorplay in Australia, Dance Filthy UK and the Exotic Pole Fest in Greece. She is the recent Semi-Pro Champion for Floorplay Scotland 2018. Her work has always been regularly re-posted by pole and dance groups in social media.

Maan Ilustre


Maan Ilustre has always been dancing ever since she was a little girl. She was forced to put her love for dance in the back seat to focus on her studies and consequently, her career after college. 

She had the opportunity to take up her first love as a form of fitness. In 2013, after her resignation from the company she ran for 13 years, she decided to take a break and took ballet, jazz, contemporary ballet and pole dance. Soon there after she developed an undying love for aerial arts having enjoyed pole dance and aerial hoops. In 2016 she took the Xpert Certification to teach spinny pole and aerial hoops.

Today, she enjoys balancing her work, her passion for writing as editor in chief of juan.com.ph, and aerial and exotic dance to feed her soul.

Hazel Mercano


Sultry 2018 Semi-Pro 1st Runner-Up
Dancing has been part of Hazel’s life since she was only four years old. She has tried different genres such as folk, modern, ballroom, and even cheer dance. When she turned 27, she decided to try pole dancing. She fell in love with pole dance immediately. Hazel met Chrome Divas’ founder and head teacher, Ira, at her previous studio. There, she was enthralled by Teacher Ira’s grace and skills while dancing in heels. When Teacher Ira opened Chrome Divas, Hazel was one of the first few students. She continues to train with Chrome Divas presently, and is now a pole dance apprentice. Her pole journey is highlighted by the feeling of gaining strength and flexibility in different aspects of life, and the beauty and grace in performing.

Jojo Navales


Jocelyn aka JoJo is a BPO Unit Manager who started her pole journey in 2016. She enjoyed every minute in the studio, as she regained her self-confidence. Her love for pole, and pride in being a Chrome Diva baby led her to join the apprenticeship program to further hone her skills, and to hopefully inspire others the way pole inspired her.

Aerial Hoop Apprentices

Linc "Sparkle" Dojilo


Everything starts with the desire to try. From preschool to college, and across genres, Linc has always shown talent in dancing. His fascination with the lights of the flame dancing in circles pushed him to learn poi/fire dance. In the same vein, his love for dance and innate drive to keep learning led him to try pole dancing, after he witnessed an intermission number in one of their company events. At present, Linc has been pole dancing for four years, and just recently won as first runner-up in the amateur division of the first ever Sultry International Exotic Pole Dance Battle held last May 2017. 

Being the dance philomath that he is, he has decided to add aerial lyra/hoops to his long list of dance passions. He started training in aerial lyra in 2016, and is already an apprentice at Chrome Divas now.

Nuria "Aerial Nuria" Fabregas


Nuria is a 16 year old Senior high Film student currently studying at MINT College. She has always been an athlete with minimal dance background. She started her aerial journey in January 2016. Her mother got her to try it and now they are a mother-daughter tandem. She fell in love with aerial Lyra/hoops because of how challenging and unique it is.

Anj Rodriguez


Angeline Rodriguez was a cheerleader once upon a time; but as much as she loved the uniforms and the performances, cheerleading ended with school.

When a persistent friend finally convinced Anj to try the aerial arts at Chrome Divas, it was love at first class. Since Day One, Anj has been basking in Chrome’s challenges and pushing herself to get better and stronger through the Apprenticeship program. Chrome has also proven to be the perfect stress reliever for her and the perfect inspiration for her everyday life.

A certified geek and bookworm, Anj is also the owner of lilmisswonderwoman.com and the Managing Editor of wheninmanila.com.


Jen Guevarra


Jen has always been insecure about her height. She started her pole journey to prove people who underestimate her because of her height wrong. Back then, all she could think about was nailing tricks, and showing off to people how strong she was. Her training in Chrome Divas opened her eyes that pole dance is not only about executing tricks, but also about fluidity of movement, of graceful transitions, of getting from one trick to another seamlessly, and ultimately making an art that requires so much strength look so effortless. Now, her driving force to keep learning has gone past herself, and onto inspiring people of all shapes, sizes, and age, that pole dancing is for any one. Currently, Jen is going through the pole apprenticeship program to further develop her skills, and be able to share what she knows to others as well.

Cathy Salazar


Cathy’s pole journey started in September 2016. She was inspired by how much strength is needed for this craft, and the grace needed to make the movements flow beautifully. At Chrome Divas, she has learned that it is not only important to learn how to move on the pole, but on the floor, as well. To help evolve and further improve her skills, her apprenticeship for exotic dance and floor works began in October 2017. When she is not training at Chrome Divas, you can find her spending quality time with her son, or busily working the graveyard shift for a BPO company as a Unit Manager, and as a POC for engagement activities in her process