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We provide a fun and safe environment for Exotic POLEDance & Aerial Arts with XPert Certified and Trained Instructors to meet your needs. We are on our 8th year - stronger and better together..

Home Studio of Sultry Exotic Pole Dance Battle. The first International Exotic Pole Dance Battle in the Country.







Ira is the founder and sole owner of Chrome Divas Pole Dance & Fitness studio. She took ballet, belly dancing and cheer dancing as a child but moved to mix martial arts later as an adult.

Her first experience on the pole was in 2010 and next thing she knew she was traveling around the globe to train and take workshops with top pole athletes like Lou Landers, Melody, Carli Hunter, Amy Hazel, Justine Mc Lucas, Polina Ginger, etc. Her love for pole expanded to other apparatuses like Aerial Hoop, Silks and Exotic dance.

Upon opening her studio, she created and produced the first International Exotic Pole Dance Battle in the Philippines running for 3 years. This competition is graced by local and international competitors. Judged by Eva Bembo, Andre, Melody, Jamaica Jornacion, Christina Dy, Daria Che, Vika, Tessa Yung, Lance Santiago and Nina Bee.

Ira believes that it is not what we can do but how we do it on any aerial equipment or dance style we choose.

She is:

1. Polecats Instructor Qualified for Pole level 1 and 2

2. XPERT certified for Pole, Spinny Pole and Aerial Hoop.

3. MID-Air Circus (Emily Barbers) Intensives for Aerial Hoop and Silks.

4. International Sports Science Association (ISSA) Certified for Nutrition, Personal Training, Strength & Conditioning & Bodybuilding - 2023

5. CPR/AED Certified 2023

5. Certified Professional Life Coach - Transformation Academy 2023

Outside the studio she is a wife and mother to 4 lovely children. She has been a Senior Leader in the BPO Industry for 20 years.

She has been competing internationally in battles like Floorplay in Australia, Dance Filthy UK and the Exotic Pole Fest in Greece. She is the recent Semi-Pro Champion for Floorplay Scotland 2018. Her work has always been regularly re-posted by pole and dance groups in social media.

Accomplishments in bodybuilding fitness:

4th in our IFBB Nationals Fit Model Category 2021

3rd Place IFBB Grand Prix Masters Bikini 2022

1st/2nd/3rd WFF Fit Model Categories 2022

Most recent win is for Pole Sport Organization Taurus Cyber Competition - Floorworks & Low Flow Champion (May 2023).

Founder and Owner: Fit Diva Club

Email :

Ira Clare Reyes