Chrome Family

Maan Ilustre

Maan Ilustre has always been dancing ever since she was a little girl. She was forced to put her love for dance in the back seat to focus on her studies and consequently, her career after college.

She had the opportunity to take up her first love as a form of fitness. In 2013, after her resignation from the company she ran for 13 years, she decided to take a break and took ballet, jazz, contemporary ballet and pole dance. Soon there after she developed an undying love for aerial arts having enjoyed pole dance and aerial hoops. In 2016 she took the XPert Certification to teach Spinny pole and aerial hoops.

Today, she enjoys balancing her work, her passion for writing as editor in chief of, and aerial and exotic dance to feed her soul.


Nuria Fabregas

Nuria is the youngest and most flexible teacher of Chrome Divas. She has always been an athlete with minimal dance background. She started her aerial journey in January 2016. Her mother got her to try it and now they are a mother-daughter tandem. She fell in love with aerial Lyra/hoops because of how challenging and unique it is. She is the reigning Amateur Aerial Hoop Champion of Sultry 2019.

She is currently our Aerial Hoop Teacher for our in studio classes and training in other apparatus like Pole and Silks.


Teach Kar

Kar in Motion is a certified yoga teacher in Ashtanga-Vinyasa, Yin Yoga, Enhanced Hatha, and Yoga Therapy, and an Animal Flow Instructor. She is always on the move exploring the world with the heart of a playful child. She is also a singer-songwriter incorporating music in the classes through crystal singing bowls, instruments, and DJing. As a multi-passionate woman, she integrates various disciplines into the practice for a unique and creative experience that allows students to connect with themselves on a deeper level.